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Lymphatic Drainage Wrap & Heat Therapy

Lymphatic Body Wrap & Infrared Therapy Blanket. wrap girl

Lymphatic Drainage Wrap With Infrared Therapy

Cost for this experience £45 for 60 minutes

You won't be too pleased to hear this, but your body leaks. Fluid seeps out of your cells and tissues into the spaces between, where it can build up and cause swelling. It’s the job of your lymphatic system to collect all of this excess liquid, filter out nasties like cellular waste, bacteria, and pathogens, and return it to your bloodstream. The lymphatic system reduces inflammation, staves-off disease, and promotes good digestion. Without this all important system running to it's capacity, you will not be feeling your best.

This signature Lymphatic Drainage Wrap (also called Feel a little Slimmer) will have you literally moving the toxins away by wrapping your body in bandages soaked in slimming oils and minerals and putting you in a hot, thermal blanket to sweat away the bloating caused by diet or dehydration. You will be fully hydrated before entering the blanket and your main problem areas will be wrapped in the drainage solution. Your upper arms, thighs, stomach, bottom and torso will be included within this luxurious treatment experience.

The Bodywrap produces far infrared heat (FIR), which is actually light that we can’t see, but can feel as heat. Far infrared heat is generated very close to the body, and can penetrate 1-2 inches, heating areas where fats and toxins have been stored without generating uncomfortable heat on the surface of the skin. As many fats and toxins are soluble at temperatures of just over 100 degrees, these fats and toxins, including cholesterol, heavy metals and acids, can be dissolved and excreted through our sweat or kidneys.

Lymphatic Body Wrap & Infrared Therapy Blanket. infrared wrap

Infrared Heated Blanket Therapy

Far Infrared Rays are rays of the light which fall on the light spectrum. They are basically adopted from the sun’s warmth so they are guaranteed safe and harmless. The FIR warms up the body when they penetrate the skin without heating it and the external surroundings. The FIR radiant heat can penetrate the skin at 1 ½” up to 4” every session, thus destroying the stubborn fats and other unwanted toxins.

It is generally safe to use. Sauna blanket does not have reports of any adverse effects.

Benefits Of Sauna Blanket

Works to cleanse your body and gets rid of unused, unwanted and poisonous chemicals
Breaks down fat deposits which help you lose excess weight and reduce inches
Lessens unsightly appearance of cellulite
Lowers blood pressure
Provides relief for migraines and common headaches
Eases joints, muscles and arthritis pain
Reduces inflammation
Improves moods
Sauna Blanket And Weight Loss

The thermal radiant heat from Sauna Blanket safely warms the body, stimulates increased circulation of blood and lowers blood pressure. The Far Infrared Ray (FIR) heat therapy assists body sculpting and weight reduction.

When the body is warmed up, the heart beats faster and burns more calories. A Sauna Blanket session can burn as much as 500-700 calories, the same number you can achieve by running in an hour at 5 meters per hour. It is also a good post-workout activity and can cause your body to burn more amounts of fats.

Sauna Blanket And Cellulite Reduction

Cellulite is formed by the tissues that link the skin and the underlying muscle layers. When the accumulated fat cells push upward against skin and the tough, long cords are pulled down, be-dimpled fatty areas are formed in abdomen, thighs, buttocks and hips. Both men and women can develop cellulites.

Sauna Blanket helps minimise cellulites because of its thermal heat system which can deeply reach fatty areas and break fat deposits. The Far Infrared Ray (FIR) caused sweating which flushes out body’s fatty wastes. Unlike traditional saunas which use high temperature to cause vigorous sweating, The Sauna Blanket uses lower temperature and gives the same result. It is recommended for those who cannot endure extreme heat of traditional sauna session.

This procedure of using Sauna Blanket is an effective method to reduce the appearance of cellulites aside from healthy diet and regular exercise.

Getting Started

For beginners, it is important to start slow or a 15-20 minute session in order to help your body become familiar with this heat therapy. Set the setting on low-medium temperature. You can increase the length of your wrap session up to 45-60 minutes and the heat setting once your body is heat-conditioned enough.

Wear cotton to help you become more comfortable while enduring the slow temperature during Infrared Blanket session.

Avoid Using Perfumes And Lotions.

Another essential thing to remember is to keep your body hydrated. Drink lots of water before, during and after Sauna Blanket session.

The recommended frequency of getting thermal wrap session is three times weekly. Do not do back-to-back day session. Your body needs rest time to adjust and allows fatty deposits to be eliminated through excretion. People who weigh more need multiple treatments to break down fats.


Not everyone can use the Sauna Blanket. It is necessary to first get a health clearance from your doctor before using it. Pregnant women, recent surgical patients and undergoing prescription medication must get medical advice to avoid possible complications.

People with Lupus, Haemophilia, Multiple Sclerosis, Skin Disorders, Heat Sensitivity, Broken Bones, Defibrillator, Implants, and fever are not able to use the blanket.

Lymphatic Body Wrap & Infrared Therapy Blanket. salon body wrap

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