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Life Coaching & Meditation Workshops

Progression Therapy & Meditation Workshops. Busy life

Progression Therapy

Sally cocker has been Mentoring and Coaching people for over 17 years. Starting with a basic Counselling qualification she knew that this was not the answer for everybody. Working with issues such as drug and alcohol addiction and families struggling to just get by in life, she realised there was a gap in the market to provide a therapy around progression.

Her innovative therapy is where you can make a conscientious, personal investment in progressing your life to where you feel you are needing to be. This practice is a very precious gift to give yourself. It gives you an opportunity to indulge in the experience of a life with "wide margins" and taste the experience of "just being" and learning to love yourself completely.

The Programme is a place where you can be 'you' and recover a sense of personal presence and well-being. They are of benefit to people from all walks of life. They can include both guided and silent meditation, yoga and chi energy practice, workshops and group discussion. Many people would yearn for a week's retreat but do not have the funds nor the opportunity. These Programmes bring together the qualities of a week long retreat, without the price tag or time away from your family or your commitments. Home study/practice is part of this Programme and is essential to feel the full benefits.

On this Programme you will adapt ways to build resilience and learn how to ‘bounce back’ from life's challenges that we often face. Releasing our true self can help us understand how we can become more resilient and prevent us from becoming overwhelmed by daily stress. The skills you will learn will enable you to not only accept the hurdles of life, but to welcome them as part of your journey. By taking some time to focus on how we feel about our struggles, we can begin to feel less overcome by the emotions. Becoming enlightened about 'the self' helps to eventually restore our natural balance and bring about a feeling of calm.

Your experience will also allow you to feel a sense of relaxation and become free from tension and anxiety. We will look at some of the causes of anxiety and the ways in which you can reduce stress in your life. You will also learn practical techniques which will aid you in becoming more relaxed over a more prolonged period of time.

Meditation Workshops are also available to help reset and recharge your mind, body and spirit.

Progression Therapy & Meditation Workshops. livewithpurpose

Why it is Life Coaching and Meditation important?

Ever had a time in your life when your brain just wouldn’t shut up?

Left to itself, the mind wanders through all kinds of thoughts. In fact, the average person spends 47% of their lives ‘mind wondering’!

These thoughts will often be about something that happened in the past or something that might happen in the future – and they are often negative.

Why is thinking often negative?

We’re born worriers. Scientists believe that our brains have evolved a “negativity bias”, meaning we’re drawn to threats more than opportunities. We’re likely to detect negative information faster than positive information and generally have a background level of anxiety as our brain monitors the environment for possible threats.

Thinking can be very useful. But most of us spend too much time obsessing about things that have already passed, or worrying about things that might happen in the future. This stresses us out and (let’s admit it) rarely solves the problems.

Some of us want more calm, focus and enjoyment from life. Working towards a state of inner happiness is the key to moving through difficulties and challenges in life. Sally Cocker has provided the opportunity for clients to discover this insight and realise life is what happens on the inside, not the outside.

Progression Therapy & Meditation Workshops. cave castle night

Mind & Meditation Evening - Tuesday 22nd October at 6pm - 8.30pm

Create a peaceful mind with easy to use, effective meditations to allow your mind to focus and rebalance. Ideal if you have no meditation experience or if you wish to deepen and develop your meditation practice.

Meditation is recognised as an effective means to bring about a more stress free life and mind, however it also has much deeper and far-reaching benefits that have been understood by Buddhist practitioners for thousands of years. During this evening course, you will be guided by an experienced practitioner through several meditations that can be reproduced at home, learn how to improve your mindfulness and concentration; as well as how to set up a regular meditation practice. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance on how to improve your meditation practice.

Itinerary for Tuesday 22nd October at Cave Castle: (these are approximate)

6pm: Introduction to the importance of meditation in the world we live in today. This is a talk from Sally Cocker about the mind and how society has brought about more stress and anxiety. We look at why your mind cannot let go of situations and why we keep ruminating over situations and why we cannot switch off our emotional reactions.

6.30pm: A workshop to allow you to identify what it is in your own life that may be creating emotional anxiety. This information will not be shared with the group, but will give you the opportunity to be clear on certain barriers to a peaceful mind.

6.45pm: The first practice of meditation. This will be in 5 minute increments and will allow you to recognise how you meditate and to be an observer in your own practice. This suits beginners and experienced meditators.

7pm: A short talk on how your emotions behave in response to your thought patterns and how you can change this pattern of behaviour.

7.20pm: Short Break

7.35pm: Allowing the mind to wander; this exercise will show you how your mind works and will show you how you can change your emotional state within a moment. This will be a guided meditation.

7.45pm: Silent meditation.

7.55pm: A talk by Sally Cocker on your experience and why the mind behaves the way it does and how you can change your emotional response to situations in a moment.

8.10pm: Questions and Answers

8.30pm: Finish

Progression Therapy & Meditation Workshops. balmoral suite
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