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'Time To Be Me' Retreat at Saltmarshe Hall & Gardens in East Yorkshire

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Saltmarshe Hall & Gardens Retreat

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Set in the quintessential Saltmarshe Hall in East Yorkshire. This venue is nothing short of a healing haven. Peaceful and tranquil in every way. It offers beautiful rooms in an exquisite building that will leave you feeling thoroughly reset and rebalanced in every way.

Sally Cocker has at last been able to offer a much requested retreat. She has led Mindfulness Events and Meditation Workshops within Cave Castle, which received 5* reviews. The feedback was of upmost important to her and a Retreat was requested over and over. Collating her offerings of Kinesiology, Meditation and Mindfulness Training, Sally has carefully selected the best of the best and created her Wellness Retreat.

Study with Hull's Mindfulness Coach and uncover your unlimited potential in the Time To Be Me Retreat. Delve into innovative and life changing teachings, designed to release your authentic self and transform your life. When you are at peace in the body and mind, you become one with the participatory nature of the Universe. You allow the soul to speak and inspire the direction of your life.

At the Saltmarshe Hall Wellness Retreat, our intention is bring you into a state of balance and an authentic body, mind and soul connection. Through our unique and life changing Retreat, you will unleash your power and go home with the knowledge and tools to continue your journey, transforming your life from the inside out.

On Sally Cocker's retreat you will be looked after, listened to and supported. You will also have time to relax and find serenity. You will learn techniques to use back in your everyday life and you will leave feeling vibrant, healthy and ready to move forward.

Emotional reactions are often what make us the most vulnerable and susceptible to not coping with the challenges of everyday life. Whether you are coming to terms with emotional trauma, are over worked, on the verge of a breakdown or have a medical condition that’s been troubling you – it can all take its toll. Take the time you need and head to the very best, she will assess your needs and give you the personal attention and treatment you require to get you back to emotional health.

Sally Cocker has worked with every physical and emotional issue there is the world today. Client's feel safe in her hands and feel protected by her empathic nature and expertise in the wellness industry. There are no judgements whilst in the company of Sally and there will be no expectations from you on this day. Just arrive and let go, you will be guided and nurtured all the way.

So whether you’re bereaved, sleep deprived, depressed, emotionally fraught or simply need to attune your body to a different, healthier way of living – the expert advice from this wellness professional, will help you on your way to improved health and wellbeing.

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For many of our guests it’s their first time on a retreat and there are always lots of questions about what to expect. Questions such as:

I’m nervous as I’ve never done a retreat before…

A: Please don’t worry, it’s natural to feel nervous and many of our guests feel the same way. Cave Castle is a very warm, welcoming environment and we promise that you’ll start to relax and unwind as soon as you arrive.

Is it okay to come on my own?

A: Yes, most of our guests come alone and it’s the perfect opportunity to feel free and let go. You will also meet other women with similar interests and experiences, plus you can also make lifelong friends if that's what you want.

What type of women will be on the retreat?

A: All types of backgrounds join us. From busy professionals through to full-time mothers, from students through to retirees and from all nationalities. Age is not important as the one thing in common is the shared goal of wanting to transform, evolve and move forward.

Will I be made to share personal issues during coaching sessions?

A: No, you won’t. Although the workshops are in a group setting, they are not group therapy sessions. You go through the workshop privately in relation to your personal situation. You are not made to share anything you don’t wish to, although you are welcome to contribute if you so choose. Anything you do share is in the strictest confidence so you can relax and let go knowing you are in a safe, discreet environment.

Will I be okay with the food?

A: Yes, you will be. Vegetarian and Vegan sandwiches will be offered. A very healthy and nutritious salad will be served to nourish you for the day.

I’ve never done yoga or meditation before, will I manage?

A: Don’t worry, our yoga and meditation is suitable for all experience and fitness levels. Our yoga is done with your eyes closed and you just do as much as you’re able to. You can even do it sitting on a chair if needed. As most of our guests are new to meditation we use guided visualisations to help you. These are simple to follow and can be easily used when you’re back home.

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Sunday 29th March 2020

10am - Breakfast, tea & coffee and a talk on what to expect for your day.

10.45am - Guided Meditation on emotional health and wellness.

11.15am - Emotional release yoga session (for any level).

11.45am - Time to enjoy the quiet lounge, gardens or a chat with the other guests.

12.15pm - Lunch, relaxation, swim, walk around the grounds (whatever you wish to do).

1.45pm - Sound Therapy Yoga (Gentle but energising yoga session to gong sound).

2.15pm - Meditation to focus the brain on how to let go of past blockages to wellbeing.

2.45pm - Quiet reflective time either walking around the grounds or in the relaxation room.

3.15pm - Talk on finding your inner voice and allow yourself to listen to yourself and your intuition.

3.30pm - Time to be you and spend some time around the grounds, swimming in the heated pool, relaxing in the lounge area or socialising with the other ladies.

4.30pm - Questions and answers about what has come up throughout your day and how we take this back home with us (sharing experiences is not compulsory).

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Wellbeing Retreat Costs

Total cost of the retreat including the following:

1 full day retreat
Herbal Tea, Coffee & Tea throughout the day
Full access to the heated pool and gardens
A half price voucher for a Reflexology Session (to be redeemed at an alternative date to retreat)

Total cost £120

Please email, text or call to express your interest

To book a place a (non-refundable) deposit of £50 is required please
There are limited places so please book as soon as you possibly can to avoid disappointment.
**Please note, if places are not filled, the retreat will have to be cancelled. This will be done no later than two weeks before. Your deposit can be returned or used for the next retreat**
**No refunds can be given unless your place can be filled**
**For any reason that the Retreat cannot go ahead regarding extreme weather or unforeseen circumstances, your fee will be carried over to a convenient date for everybody. Unfortunately refunds are unable to be given, but you may transfer the fee over to vouchers for treatments as a second option.**

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