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Authentically Me Again Three Day Retreat - Yorkshire Dales

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I cannot predict exactly what each person will experience over the retreat as each person has their own path to walk, but I would like to share some results that commonly occur:

Incredible insight into the root causes of your fears, blocks, negative stories and patterns.
The release of stuck emotion and tension allowing your energy to flow more abundantly.
A profound sense of opening and expansiveness in your heart.
Deep feelings of connection to the women and the world around you.
Immense gratitude to life and love.
Freedom from self-judgement and an authentic sense of peace.
A feeling of possibility, excitement and inspiration for your future.
Newfound confidence in your creative voice.
Huge shifts in perspective on who you are and the story you’ve come from.
An amazing feeling of self-worth, self-love and abundance in yourself and what you have to gift to this world.

This magical retreat, in a very special part of the world, happens only twice a year.
I encourage you to take your place and choose to make this year the year you step into your power.
It is time to connect with Warrior within.

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For many of our guests it’s their first time on a retreat and there are always lots of questions about what to expect. Questions such as:

I’m nervous as I’ve never done a retreat before…

A: Please don’t worry, it’s natural to feel nervous and many of our guests feel the same way. Cave Castle is a very warm, welcoming environment and we promise that you’ll start to relax and unwind as soon as you arrive.

Is it okay to come on my own?

A: Yes, most of our guests come alone and it’s the perfect opportunity to feel free and let go. You will also meet other women with similar interests and experiences, plus you can also make lifelong friends if that's what you want.

What type of women will be on the retreat?

A: All types of backgrounds join us. From busy professionals through to full-time mothers, from students through to retirees and from all nationalities. Age is not important as the one thing in common is the shared goal of wanting to transform, evolve and move forward.

Will I be made to share personal issues during coaching sessions?

A: No, you won’t. Although the workshops are in a group setting, they are not group therapy sessions. You go through the workshop privately in relation to your personal situation. You are not made to share anything you don’t wish to, although you are welcome to contribute if you so choose. Anything you do share is in the strictest confidence so you can relax and let go knowing you are in a safe, discreet environment.

Will I be okay with the food?

A: Yes, you will be. Vegetarian and Vegan sandwiches will be offered. A very healthy and nutritious salad will be served to nourish you for the day.

I’ve never done yoga or meditation before, will I manage?

A: Don’t worry, our yoga and meditation is suitable for all experience and fitness levels. Our yoga is done with your eyes closed and you just do as much as you’re able to. You can even do it sitting on a chair if needed. As most of our guests are new to meditation we use guided visualisations to help you. These are simple to follow and can be easily used when you’re back home.

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To book a place a (transferable) deposit of £150 is required please.
Full payment is required twelve weeks prior to the event start date.
There are limited places so please book as soon as you possibly can to avoid disappointment.
**No refunds can be given unless your place can be filled.
**For any reason that the Retreat cannot go ahead regarding extreme weather or unforeseen circumstances, your fee will be carried over to another date. Unfortunately refunds are unable to be given, but you may transfer the fee over to vouchers for treatments as a second option

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