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Healing Hands, Compassionate Heart, & Empathic Nature.

The ethos

MISSION STATEMENT "Giving Client's the room to explore their true sense of self and work with them, in a supportive environment to hold them in a therapeutic safe space. Thus, allowing a period of self-exploration and progression towards a more peaceful self."

It is no small accolade that Sally Cocker is known as ‘The WOW factor’ in her Reflexology and Mindfulness Events in East Yorkshire. Much to her Client's relief she is now running Wellbeing Retreats throughout Yorkshire. Ranging from one day events to three day Retreat's. Having had hundreds of clients referred, and with over 20 years’ experience, Sally combines a deeply rejuvenating and restorative holistic experience with a thorough and insightful analysis of areas needing more balance.

Within the Retreat options you can choose to attend an injection of wellbeing on a one-day experience or really treat yourself to a three-day immersive wellness journey. "My offerings within the retreat's is my calling to guide you through a deep, transformative process to shift stuck self-expression and emotion, and allow you to become fully aligned with your most alive, empowered and true-self."

Sally has a handful of powerful and awakening Retreats throughout the year. Her one-day events are to give you an injection of re-connection to yourself and her three-night Retreats, set within the stunning Yorkshire Dales, offer the opportunity to really delve into a transforming experience of awaking to your true-self. These Retreats clear and unblock stagnant energy and emotion, allowing an opportunity to reawaken your creative self-expression, vitality, and passion for life.

The three-night unique retreats are by far some of the most rejuvenating and healing work I offer and happen only twice a year.
"I believe you can find true balance and peace within your life and to help you, i’ve pioneered The R&R Cycle. The Reset and Rejuvenate system, which gets to the core of why you may not be where you want to be in life. This cycle helps refocus and rebalance your mind and body. It helps transform your body from run-down to rested, your mind from chaotic to calm and your emotions from haywire to happy.".

Sally's reputation in the world of Reflexology will leave you in awe of the knowledge and intuitive work she carries out. Leaving her to work through all the reflex points in a careful and skilful manner, is so very different from other forms of treatment such as massage as it works in a very specific way identifying the quality of each point and a sense of how it is connecting with the correlating parts of the body. It is amazing how Sally can even feel tired eyes, sore teeth, upset stomachs and others parts of the body.

Would you trust many people to feel your kidneys? Well you might through the reflex points on your feet. A treatment with Sally Cocker is a revelation as to your body condition, and not only that, how amazing you will feel during and after it.

Sally Cocker, The Natural Coach, has based her therapies on a combination of the holistic healing principles of Reflexology, with a focus on establishing and maintaining the balance of body and mind by using other techniques from Kinesiology, Life Coaching and Meditation. Her intuitive abilities to really know what is needed to rest and recharge you, will leave you feeling like you're walking on air.

It’s time you start taking care of yourself, so you can get back to being you again.

Ethos of Sally Cocker. Wellness Zone Room

The Benefits

An increasing number of people are suffering stress-related diseases such as high blood pressure, stomach pains, heart disease and digestive complaints. Prolonged stress becomes very debilitating and as the nervous system becomes depleted, the immune system becomes eroded and a whole host of immune deficient illnesses may present themselves such as ME and Fibromyalgia which are now becoming more prevalent. Abnormal tension and bad posture creates a tightening of muscles especially in the spine and neck, plus long hours in front of computers, tablets and screens, car journeys, in addition to which excessive caffeine and alcohol only adds to more stress … and then we see signs in terms of pain, fatigue and illness.

Relaxation can be termed as a luxury and we often see it in terms of holidays, TV and films; the reality is that our bodies, minds and emotions are working day to day to cope and need support and a way to unwind. Sometimes, when lives have been pushed too far and fast, or when a major stressful life event happens, we need help to unwind our system. Reflexology can do just that. It can induce a trance-like state of relaxation as the manipulation of the reflex points stimulates the parasympathetic (nervous system) response in the body to release (energy) blockages in the body and so a physiological change called relaxation – the feeling you have as you ‘come down step-by-step’ allowing yourself to come ‘off-guard/alert’, similar to that moment when you allow yourself to fall asleep, akin to a hypnotic trance-like state, which then allows the body to restore and reset. Yet, it is relaxation that comes from a very specific treatment addressing all parts of the body including major organs and that is why it is so effective.

Treatment with a really good reflexologist is an experience not to be missed.

Nothing can prepare you for how you will feel after a treatment with this innovative therapist. Her tailor-made treatments are nothing short of exquisite. Sally has spent years refining her treatments to become the gold quality they are today. Walk in with the weight of the world on your shoulders, walk out with the lightness of air. You will be transformed.

She delivers spa quality treatments, using one of the best treatment couch's available in the UK. You will enter her custom-made treatment room and a smell of pure essential oil will invite you in to this tranquil experience. You are welcomed by a beautiful mural and low lighting, to start switching off the outside world. This is a place where worries melt away. Lie back onto a cushioned couch, designed to support your every muscle, allowing you to totally let go. A light music plays in the background, allowing you to shut off from the thoughts of your busy day.

**please be aware that a £20 fee is applied to any cancellations less than 24 hour notice. Your first cancellation fee may be waived under unforeseen circumstances**

What people say.....

"Sally is a truly holistic health practitioner and one of the most empathic individual's I know! She goes above and beyond."

"Sally allowed me to find the strength to make changes in my life. I never knew I had it in me, but I do. Thank you for helping me see 'me' Sally."

"The only words that express this lady are simply unbelievable. Life just gets better with her in it."

Please accept this meditation as my gift to you for visiting my page today...

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