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Counsellor & Coach

Sally Cocker Counsellor Hull


Sally Cocker implements a wholly holistic approach and works with her impeccable intuition. Working with people and their struggles for over 20 years she incorporates the body and mind as one. She delivers insightful analogy and allows a blend of Counselling with Mindfulness to ensure you are fully supported through the process.


Delivering years of Life Coaching and progressive wellness retreats she has discovered answers that are not always readily available using the conscious mind. Meditation has also been key to this process for clients. Using innovative methods to unlock your potential for a life that represents more of you and less of what others demand of you. 


Our Services

Sally Cocker Life Coach Hull

The only way I can describe my experience with Sally is WOW! My life coaching started back in January and by May my whole life, and I mean my whole life has transformed. I feel so much better and cannot believe how easy it felt with Sally by my side. 


Sally Cocker Counsellor

Counselling has never been something I felt I needed, but after being recommended, I contacted Sally Cocker for 6 sessions. 

I can honestly say I'm converted. This does not seem like the counselling I imagined. Sally has this unique ability to provide room to be yourself with no judgement. Challenges come, but in such a respectful manner. I will be back for another course. 

Sarah J

Retreats around the world

Life became quite stressful after a promotion at work. I decided to visit Sally for some counselling. I have had counselling in the past but this felt very different. The blend of counselling and life coaching just worked for me. She is very dynamic but has such a calmness about her approach. Walking into her room it was like being at a spa! The smells and the gorgeous lighting were just what I needed. She is a gift in all honesty.


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